We are often so focused on where we are going and feeling like we are never getting there it’s like being on a treadmill trying to gain ground. Ridiculous huh?

How many things are you tolerating in your business that you tell yourself “Someday I will deal with this.”
Well someday is not a day of the week!

Make ‘someday’ a specific day this week that you will deal with one thing you have been tolerating.

Examples of the intolerable:

Computers that continually crash.
Others interrupting when you are working on an important project.
Clients who are overly demanding and difficult to collect payment from.
Meetings with no agendas.
A messy office.
Excuses from suppliers over and over again.
Unorganized papers … everywhere.
Ignoring the ‘blinking’ light on the printer that warns the ink is low.
Not planning your week ahead of time leaving you jumping from one thing to another.
Inconsistency of how your clients are greeted.
Putting off what really matters to you saying… “I just don’t have time right now”.

The most common reason people ignore these things is because they don’t feel there is enough time. People are always saying “I just have too many fires to put out”.

Think about your local fire department. A long time ago the firemen waited for the alarm to ring and they ran off to put out the fire. Overtime they started to realize that some of these fires could have been prevented. They then spent time on fire prevention. Educating people, installing fire alarms, visiting school kids … this dramatically reduced the number of fires they had been putting out.

What fire are you going to prevent in your business today?