Let’s look at what being focused means…

Have you ever sky dived before?”

Imagine what it would be like…

You are in a perfectly safe, functioning and reliable plane that has taken off. As the plane begins to climb and the earth below becomes less and less recognizable you decide … this is the time to jump!

There you are … standing in an open door way … toes over the edge of the doorframe… wind pushing against you… arms braced… eyes looking at the earth below… your heart pounding (I am assuming).

Then you jump….

You are now free falling out of a plane, 30,000 feet above the earth.

What are you focused on?

Landing safely? Yeah! You are focused on pulling the cord at just the right time, the shute opening at just the right time and guiding yourself to a clear soft landing patch… just at the right time.

While you are focused on landing safely would you even consider answering your cell phone? Checking your emails? Jotting down a great business idea that just ran through your mind?

No, you are focused on the task at hand. The steps involved to successfully land!

Imagine having this kind of focus during your work day for designated periods of time for specific activities to be completed.

Focusing on one thing allows you to be present, productive and restores your confidence.