You maybe proud of being a Master Multitasker but if your day has become a blur of activity leaving you wondering what you actually accomplished … maybe it’s time to focus on one task at a time.

If you were to give the most important tasks, projects and people in your life your undivided attention what do you think would change?

Likely you will produce better results and have better quality relationships with others.

There are three key points to consider:
1. Result (Goal)
2. Focus (commitment/designated time)
3. Change (actions)

The following example are questions based on increasing revenue.

What are the revenue generating activities of your business?
What percentage of time would you like to be spending on these activities?

What is distracting you from these activities?
How many of these distractions are in your control? (Be honest)

What has to change for you to increase your focus on the result?

Change can consist of:
How you manage and schedule your time.
How you delegate.
What resources you require.
How you work with your clients.
The activities you do….

Change can be awkward, unfamiliar, scary, exciting… all are normal reactions.

Are you ready to change?

Identify your revenue generating activity you want to focus more time on and what is the first change you have to make to achieve your result!