The question “Is your team understood?” can have so many implications.  All to often we think we understand when in fact we really don’t understand at all. 

So what to do about it?  My experience personally and in working with clients is all too often we fail to listen or even worse don’t take the time to talk with one another in an effective way so we can understand better. 

What gets in the way?  We make assumptions about others based on biases, past experiences (often unrelated to the person) or beliefs and attitudes that have formed the way we see things.  It is how we see things that determines what we do.  The actions we take whether it is to dismiss that person, not respect or value their ideas perhaps because we think they are too young or too old (or so we believe). 

What happens then?  Our actions utlimately determine our results.  The results we get often are not what we want because they are inhibited by our short-sightedness or skewed views and attitudes. 

One contributing factor to these skewed views is our generational differences and misunderstandings.  And this has been going on for … well generations!  

It is important to change how we see things so we can start doing things differently to get the results we really want. 

My challenge to you is if you want to have better relationships, reduced stress and increased cooperation then you need to change your generational views that limit you. 

What would change?  If we chose to be open to hearing a different point of view or new idea, is it possible we might just learn something we didn’t previously know? 

Watch this video of different view points from different generations and imagine what results we could get if we just opened ourselves to learn from one another!