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The question “Is your team understood?” can have so many implications.  All to often we think we understand when in fact we really don’t understand at all.  So what to do about it?  My experience personally and in working with clients is all too often we fail to listen or even worse don’t take the time to talk with ..Read More

As a business owner you are likely switching hats often throughout the day while juggling client requests, meetings, marketing strategies and so on. Take a moment now to pause and think about these three important questions: 1. What specifically is great about your business? Be honest. Brag a little … or a lot. 2. What ..Read More

Whether you are writing a letter, an email or a presentation you want key points to be clear and easily understood. Everyone struggles with managing information overload so … Keep your communication – clear, concise and relevant. 1. Always start with a rough draft that allows you to let everything out – say everything you ..Read More

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