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First Game Changer: The new redesign for The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Workshop based on timeless principles of effectiveness. The 7 Habits is a masterpiece and Game Changer! “Which habit will change your game?” Second Game Changer: I am starting a new conversation. As an advocate for the health and well being of ..Read More

It was just last week we lost a great leader Stephen R. Covey who passed away as a result of a bicycle accident he had in the spring. The loss is so great because of how much he has influenced our lives. He brought to us The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People based on ..Read More

Let’s look at what being focused means… Have you ever sky dived before?” Imagine what it would be like… You are in a perfectly safe, functioning and reliable plane that has taken off. As the plane begins to climb and the earth below becomes less and less recognizable you decide … this is the time ..Read More

It is easy to find things in life that didn’t measure up, that we didn’t get done or didn’t work out as planned. What is it costing you to focus on these things? For many the cost is feeling stuck, frustrated and burnt out. It affects our well being, our relationships and our view of ..Read More

Always have your client’s best interest in mind but it cannot be at the sacrifice of yourself. Make commitments you can live up to without encroaching on your life. Know your limits and what you can and will do. When we over extend ourselves we set ourselves up for frustration because when we are stretched; ..Read More

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