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See Your Business from the Clients Experience

If you were a client of your business what would your experience be? It is the business owner’s responsibility to see the situation from their and the client’s perspective. First … outline all the current steps you go through with a client. The following are the four most common stages: prospect, close the sale, new ..Read More

How do you improve workforce effectiveness?

An effective organization is driven by individual strengths. The challenge unfortunately, with common distractions, conflicting priorities, unclear objectives, poor communication, and lack of trust, it’s easy to burn out and lose focus. As a Certified Facilitator of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People 3-Day Workshop I found this information very interesting from the FranklinCovey ..Read More

Focus Before You Jump

Let’s look at what being focused means… Have you ever sky dived before?” Imagine what it would be like… You are in a perfectly safe, functioning and reliable plane that has taken off. As the plane begins to climb and the earth below becomes less and less recognizable you decide … this is the time ..Read More

The real impact of gratitude and appreciation

It is easy to find things in life that didn’t measure up, that we didn’t get done or didn’t work out as planned. What is it costing you to focus on these things? For many the cost is feeling stuck, frustrated and burnt out. It affects our well being, our relationships and our view of ..Read More

What to do about time-waster meetings.

Do you see meetings as a waste of time? An interruption? Unproductive? When you don’t have enough time in the day to get everything done, attending a meeting with no agenda, time wasted in pointless discussions and no clear decisions can feel like a real interruption to your day. Not all meetings are this way, ..Read More

What are you tolerating in your business?

We are often so focused on where we are going and feeling like we are never getting there it’s like being on a treadmill trying to gain ground. Ridiculous huh? How many things are you tolerating in your business that you tell yourself “Someday I will deal with this.” Well someday is not a day ..Read More

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